International wheelchair Day

International wheelchair Day

Every year, the 1st of March is celebrated as the International Wheelchair Day. This day was first celebrated in the year 2008 and this day is founded by a British Blogger Steve Wilkinson nicknamed “WheelchairSteve”. International Wheelchair Day is marked to celebrate the impact of the wheelchair in the lives of the people who use it. The usage of wheelchairs in different public places encourages inclusion, increases awareness, and provides mobility and accessibility for the users with ease.

This day is celebrated to celebrate the impact of the wheelchair in the users’ lives and also to appreciate the efforts of all those who provide the wheelchairs for those in need and who contribute to make the world a better accessible one for those who experience and encounter mobility issues. The World Health Organization define a wheelchair as ‘a device providing wheeled mobility and seating support for a person with difficulty in walking or moving about’. The designing of the wheelchairs has to be carefully done taking into consideration the user’s needs and the posture support along with the environmental and durability requirements and they should be designed as such to enable the users to participate in maximum activities and face minimal to none accessibility issues.

According to the World Health Organization, the design of a wheelchair depends on a number of factors:

  • The physical needs of users
  • The environment in which the wheelchair will be used; and
  • The materials and technology available where the wheelchair is made and used.

Some of the types of the Wheelchairs are:

  1. Manual Wheelchairs
  2. Sports Wheelchairs
  3. Sports Specific Wheelchairs
  4. Multi-sport Wheelchairs
  5. Modern wheelchairs.
  6. Manual self-propelled wheelchairs.
  7. Manual attendant-propelled wheelchairs.
  8. Powered wheelchairs.
  9. Mobility scooters.
  10. Single-arm drive wheelchairs.
  11. Reclining and tilting wheelchairs.
  12. Standing wheelchairs.
  13. All-terrain wheelchairs
  14. Smart wheelchairs.

To support and help the physically disabled, Yes Helping Hands coordinates with individuals and societies to provide wheelchairs to the needy ones helping them to move with ease and minimal accessibility issues. In the bygone years and at present times, Yes Helping Hands has been not just support the users but also able to create awareness about the disability issues and how to mitigate the accessibility and mobility issues encountered every day by the wheelchair-bound person.

Few of those coordinating efforts by Yes Helping Hands in collaboration with different other organizations and individuals to support the physically disabled -


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