* International Braille Day ****

* International Braille Day ****

#helpinghandspokhara "Once I knew only darkness and stillness… my life was without past or future...but a little word from the fingers of another fell into my hand that clutched at emptiness and my heart leaped to the rapture of living." - Hellen Keller.

We all know about a bit about Hellen Keller, the famous deaf-blind American Activist and Writer. She is the person for whom the quote " where there is a will there is a way " holds true. She is an epitome of hard-work and an inspiration for many of us, including myself and many such individuals and organisations who strive to make the world a better place for the disabled. One such organisation Helpinghands Pokhara seeks to support, help, and the disabled to identify their potential and touch the sky.

Today, the 4th of January and on the occasion of #internationalbrailleday, and in collaboration with Nepal Netrahin Sangh, Kaski, we organised a little program "Sensitisation on hygiene and distribution of Braille " to the disabled at two locations in #pokhara. Dinesh Kumar Thapa, the co-founder of Helping Hands Pokhara located at #lakeside in Pokhara, which started almost a decade ago has been doing what he can from his capacity and everyday is a challenge for him and his organisation. With the Covid-19 pandemic hitting hard, the bygone days has been the most difficult time since the 2015 Earthquake. Nevertheless, the efforts are put in and the vision is fixed on what has to be done despite the obstacles and challenges.

Special gratitude to Dr. Angana Parajuli who briefed the participants about the appropriate ways of sanitising selves and that too, in a humourous way. Thank you Dr.!

Also, we have started gathering and collating data information on the number of disabled in #Nepal after couldn't trace accurate data information and there were some discrepancies in the Government's records and mismatched with that of the UN's statistics division report. In order to gather the correct figures and after much brainstorming, we had developed a #questionnaire which is self-explanatory and easily be filled in. The questions pertain to the general information of the disabled to the trainings or exposures they have received and what they are their further expectations.

In this context, we are conducting a small Data Collection Survey on the disabled and we would like to request each one of you to whom this post will reach and would be reading this, to kindly spare sometime acquainting with the survey the queries and soliciting response for those coming under the purview of the disabled. Here's the link to the survey questionnaire, https://yeshelpinghands.org/

A personal request to all who will read this post to kindly share this message. If any confusion regarding the survey questionnaire or anything further about the organisation, please dp reach put to us.

Thank you for your support!


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