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Damages of Nepal Earthquake 2015

According to total damages are:-

Last edited on Monday, 18th May 2015


KATHMANDU, MAY 15 - The Home Ministry has so far recorded 8,460 deaths caused by the devastating earthquake of April 25 and several powerful aftershocks across the country.

 The National Emergency Operation Centre under the Home Ministry informed that of the total death toll, 8,384 people were killed due to the April 25 massive quake and 117 due to the May 12 powerful aftershock.

 According to the latest update, as many as 4,571 injured in the May 25 quake and 1,700 injured in May 12 powerful aftershock are undergoing treatment at different hospitals, Home Ministry sources said.

 Similarly, the Ministry has stated that 8,399 dead bodies have been handed over to the relatives of the deceased so far.

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Recent News

Map of Nepal based on earthquake damage

1.Saturday, 16th May 2015: Our team visited Gorkha, Vanu VDC Tanahun and provided '$34 each' relief materials. See Gallery

2.Sunday, 17th May 2015: Our team is on the way to Kathandu-Sindhupalchowk to distribute tarps, rice, beaten rice, hand-wash and other relief items. 


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