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Account no :00411036324
Account Name :Yes Helping Hands
Swift code:LXBLNPKA
BANK NAME:Laxmi bank Limited Branch: Pokhara

If you have already donated, you can fill this form up. Your information will definitely help us to mobilize your funds efficiently and effectively.

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Till today, we have sent 105 different support trucks to various disaster affected parts of Nepal and we still want to do more. We have planned to teach local people to build earthquake resistant structures for free and provide food and shelter till they reconstruct their shelters. Emergency measures are being taken for people who need it the most. First aid kits, rice bags, noodles, paracetamols, metronidazole tablets and various sanitary products are provided for free. We have volunteers from all over the world and we are very happy to have been supported by you guys. Thanks Alyse, Peter and Rabin for helping us create this webpage. We have engineers, doctors from Nepal willing to join our forces against this disaster. Help us bounce back. Your small support means a lot to our people.

We are getting funds from (Handloomed products from differently able people.) Please visit that website as well. 

Thank you very much.

Thank you 
Yes helping hands

About Handicrafts

Map of Nepal based on earthquake damage

Buy A Scarf with a Story.

These young and differently able people have been trained for what it takes to be a very good craftsman. 

They can hand-loom pashminas and shawls themselves.

Every penny you spend on these products will help them sustain their life and help them live a brighter future.

They don't need pity, they just need an opportunity. 


Thank you very much for visiting our website.