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Employee Profile

Helping Hands Life Story Interviews

1. How has your life changed since coming to work at Helping Hands?

2. What is your favorite part of working at Helping Hands?

3. Tell me one thing you want people to know about yourself.

4. What is your aim for the future?

  Prakash Poudel

The oldest deaf employee at Helping Hands, Prakash feels a sense of leadership and responsibility toward his coworkers. Before being employed at Helping Hands, he had no job and little to do, but now he has work he enjoys and can be independent. He is happy to support himself and his family, including his wife a two children. One day Prakash hopes to learn everything there is to know about designing and weaving so that he can eventually open his own independent cashmere factory and shop.

 Deepak Busyel

Though he is the most reserved of the Helping Hands employees, Deepak is fiercely appreciative of his work. He never before imagined that he could have such an opportunity not only to learn and work but also to support his family. Outside of Helping Hands he does accounting and sales work, but having coworkers who communicate in the same way he does is invaluable to Deepak. When he is not working, he enjoys watching professional sports and sending messages to his friends.

Recent News

Map of Nepal based on earthquake damage

1.Saturday, 16th May 2015: Our team visited Gorkha, Vanu VDC Tanahun and provided '$34 each' relief materials. See Gallery

2.Sunday, 17th May 2015: Our team is on the way to Kathandu-Sindhupalchowk to distribute tarps, rice, beaten rice, hand-wash and other relief items. 


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