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About has a sister organization "Helping hands handicraft. It is run by people with disabilities and currently we have put an halt to it and been helping earthquake victims of Nepal from 

About our handicraft organization.

Yes Helping Hands with the motive to promote and preserve traditional and religious artifacts, which is probably the first wholesale Handicraft shop in Nepal at Pokhara,Lakeside was set up by "Dinesh Thapa". It has come down a long race to come on to the present position where it deals with hundreds of foreign and local Business parties.

Yes Helping Hands intends to increase family participation in economic enterprises that give out various cottage Handicraft products. We are served up and facilitated from different regions, religious societies and underprivileged community people. This co-existence with us is availing them of a regular income source to uplift their life.

We are working for two decades and are literally genuine Nepalese Handicrafts manufacturers, wholesalers and exporters. We have specialized dealing with a wide range of handicrafts,pashmina, handmade product, scarf, shawl, blanket, jumper, puncho & natural product etc.

These crafts are genuinely handmade by our expert artisans and craftsmen maintaining high quality in craftsmanship with traditional workmanship followed from generations.

Quality is the prime importance to us and we are constantly improving our standards of excellence for providing better quality products and services. The professionals and quality conscious approach to the business has made us a reliable name in the international market. We manufacture fine products and try best to give our valued clients high quality with timely delivery of bulk orders in a very reasonable and competitive price.

Yes Helping Hands exports Nepalese Handicrafts to USA, UK, Europe, Australia, Japan, India, China, Tibet, Pakistan, Korea, France, Italy, Spain, Canada and East Asian Countries.



Yes Helping Hands is to support the overall growth and development of Handicrafts by maintaining state of art design technology in Nepal.

To Increase economic opportunities and enhance business skills and explore potentials.

To promote Nepalese Handicrafts market all over the World.

To target low income level people.

To keep alive age old Nepalese and Tibetan art lineage.

To bequeath traditional know-how to the posterity.

To continue producing young and new artists.

To make a proper management of the items produced from the different raw materials by the dispersed workers and to promote market in an integrated way.

Recent News

Map of Nepal based on earthquake damage

1.Saturday, 16th May 2015: Our team visited Gorkha, Vanu VDC Tanahun and provided '$34 each' relief materials. See Gallery

2.Sunday, 17th May 2015: Our team is on the way to Kathandu-Sindhupalchowk to distribute tarps, rice, beaten rice, hand-wash and other relief items. 


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