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Here, wed like to show you how JSN Pixel can be utilized for multiple kinds of websites, staring from simple personal website ending with professional news portal. All content are fictions and serves for demo purpose only.

  • News Portal / Online magazine
  • Personal website / Blog
  • Corporate website / Service providers
  • Community website / Fan clubs
  • Online shops

Here are some real life examples of JSN Pixel.

What people are saying about Yes Helping Hands

Every organisation should be this way

When we were at a loss of how to find supplies for our relief mission, Dinesh and Yes Helping Hands stepped in and saved our mission. From their help, we were able to provide relief to 350 families.

Alyse Speyer, USA, Volunteer for Lumbini Shanti Stupa Rescue Team and Yes Helping Hands

Thank You for organizing this help 

At Yes Helping Hands, I came in contact with friendly and selfless people - locals and foreigners alike. I will never forget how helpful and kind human beings can be and how easily everyone here worked together, regardless of language, race, disability, or ability. It is something I experienced in an extreme situation, but it was quite beautiful.

Peter Hercher, Austria, Volunteer for Yes Helping Hands 

Recent News

Map of Nepal based on earthquake damage

1.Saturday, 16th May 2015: Our team visited Gorkha, Vanu VDC Tanahun and provided '$34 each' relief materials. See Gallery

2.Sunday, 17th May 2015: Our team is on the way to Kathandu-Sindhupalchowk to distribute tarps, rice, beaten rice, hand-wash and other relief items. 


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